Wednesday, August 23, 2006


They say there are signs to old age. Sight. Body. Mind. They all start to go. But at what rate do they actually go?

I started wearing glasses when I was eight. Did that make me old? My sight was so bad that in order to see a person I was having a conversation with without corrective lenses I literally had to be within eighteen inches of their face. Thank goodness for Lasik. The only thing that I have to worry about now is reading glasses. When that times comes, I think I'll just stop reading. HehHeh.

I am really starting to feel as though my body is next. It seems as though every other week I am hurting something. Though that was an extreme case for me, lately it seems I am walking around with a pulled leg/ankle/arm/hair muscle of some sort or other. The sad thing is, I keep doing whatever it is that gets me like that.

I think that it must be my mind. I forget what I was doing that injured me and I continue doing it. Though I have to admit, I have always been forgetful, in fact my mom used to say (and probably still thinks), "You'd lose your head if it wasn't connected." She's probably right. I can't tell you how many times I'll go someplace with the intentions of bringing X with me, only to have forgotten X at home.

Though I have never forgotten my shoes. Grandma, who has always been as sharp as a nail, did forget to wear shoes one time about fifteen years ago. We still laugh about it and occasionally will ask her if she remembered to put on her shoes. Usually she will just look at us and start laughing hysterically.

That's besides the point. I am forgetful. I am surprised that I never forgot my shoes.

I think the signs of old age are all wrong. Something that goes out on one person at eight doesn't go out on another until they are eighty, yet for the person who is eight it's just one of those things, for the person who is eighty, it's because they are old. If grandma forgets her shoes its because she's old, if I forget my shoes it's because I am forgetful. It could be the other way around, I could be the one that's old and she just happened to forget that day.

What has brought this up? This:

It is a swatch that I made a while back. I think I made it at my mom's house because I don't own nor have ever made anything with that particular yarn. I found it on the bottom of one of my bags as I was cleaning it out.

Now here is the shocker. I forgot what the stitch pattern was. I know it is some sort of triple decrease and the WS of the swatch is purled, but how I actually achieved it and then got my stitch count back is beyond me at this moment. Must be the old age.

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