Wednesday, June 21, 2006


What a weekend. I know, it's Wednesday and I am talking about the past weekend. Well, it was a busy one. Friday B graduated from pre-school and is now on summer vacation. The ceremony was cute. Each of the classes performed songs and let me tell you, some of them were hilarious. Saturday was K's birthday and we had the final round of our softball tournament. We ended up having to play not one, but two games in the heat. It was 95 degrees when we started our first game at 1 PM.

Talk about guilt. Hubby and I felt so guilty about having to play on K's day that I think we may have over-compensated. We took him to the Magic Kingdom the week before. The day before to see "waseeing caws." Then took him shopping to choose the gift of choice. Take a wild guess where he got his gift from. If you guessed here, then you would be correct. Though I have to admit, he probably wouldn't have noticed if we just told him his day was another day. And then Sunday, well you know, it was father's day. Every year I let hubby choose what he wants to do for the day. This year was an exception though. This is the first father's day since my grandfather passed and my grandmother really wanted everyone over at her house to honor him one last time. I have to say that it was a really nice evening with all of the aunts, uncles, cousins, and nephew's. He did have a special breakfast made for him, and the kids actually let him sleep in. We did exactly what he wanted until we went to my grandmother's, absolutely nothing.

Monday, I thought things were finally winding down, so I went to the gym in the morning. When I got back hubby suggested we go to the lake. It was exactly what we needed, except for the fact that I got a massive headache when we were there, but the lake was great, not busy at all. Also on Saturday I slightly pulled my back muscle when I was playing ball, no biggie, but today I went shopping and had purchased a few cases of water and sports drinks. When I was loading and/or unloading, I strained the muscle even more. Now I can barely walk, lay down, stand, or do anything with out pain. I so feel for people who have chronic back pain. I would never wish this on my worst enemy.

Needless to say, there are not any photos. The toe socks are done, I just have to weave the ends in on one of the socks and then take photos. Hopefully within two days, I will be able to bend over enough to put socks on my feet. And then cross my fingers a pattern for you within a week of that.

BTW, we won our softball tournament.

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