Friday, July 28, 2006

I Get It Now

Whenever I go on a trip there is something that I must do. I have to clean my entire house from top to bottom. I don't know what it is, but I can not do anything the day before except clean my house. I will even stay up with no sleep just so I can have a clean house when we leave for wherever, but more importantly have a clean house when I get back.

Initially hubby thought that I was out of my mind. Then at a party my cousin had for his then newborn had made the comment that when he found out his wife was in labor how they both started to clean the house before they left for the hospital because they did not want to come home to a dirty house.

I looked at hubby and at that moment he got it, I wasn't coocoo afterall.

Now for some eye candy. When I came home the other day, this is what I found in the driveway.

I finally started the edging of the shawl, but the progress has been slow, afterall, I have been cleaning.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Legs Not Working

There was a time when hubby & I were concerned with K's speech development. See at two and a half, he was still not talking. To make matters worse, my mother would point this out each and everytime we saw her (which is often). The thing is K understood everything that we said, so though I was concerned, I was not freaking out. At thirty-three months of age K started talking and it has taken off from there.

When we were in Vegas, we forgot to bring the stroller with us. We did a lot of walking when we were there. K jumped in front of me when we were walking and said, "me wegs naat wooking hanymooore."

I looked at him puzzled. When he repeated, "me wegs naat wooking hanymoore." Though this time he's jumping up and down and starting to cry.

I finally realized that he was trying to tell me that his legs were not working anymore. At first I thought that it was cute. Then I tried to explain, "no honey, your legs are working, they are just tired."

He gave me a look and then with his arms up said, "pick me up now!"

Vegas has this ad campaign that states "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas." That is not entirely true because with all the food that I ate while I was there I picked up some extra "baggage" around the waist and hips, if you know what I mean.

I went to the gym and put in a few extra miles and wouldn'tcha know. My legs aren't working today.

Good thing I still have my hands. I am almost to the edging of the shawl.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Road Trip

We were in the car on our way to Vegas, the kiddos sitting in the back watching a movie, me in the passenger seat knitting away, hubby listening to his AC/DC CD. We started talking about how hot it was outside and then the song Highway to Hell comes on. I mention this because we were passing this at the time.

That is the thermometer in Baker, California. I wasn't sure if you would be able to read it, so I enlarged the temperature reading. And yes, it does read 121 degrees. I guess we really were on the highway to hell.

As for the knitting. I took the Icarus Shawl from IK summer 2006 with me to work on.

I have about two repeats left before I start moving on to the edge.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Viva Las Vegas

Just a quick pictureless post. This morning hubby and I were talking about how next week will be the last week of his vacation and that we haven't done anything at all, so we decided to drive to Vegas (we didn't plan a vacation since we didn't know how out of commission hubby was going to be after his surgery).

I think we may just be about the most insane people. We are going from a place where it has been hot (102 F+) to a place that is much hotter. Though I think that they have a dry heat.

I will try to post while we are there, that is if I am not sweating too much while trying to drink my meals, but I can't promise anything.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


I don't know how I managed, but I do not have to drive up to the bay area to fulfill the promise I made to K. See, hubby's brother & sister-in-law have a son who is 3.5 months older than K. When I told her about the promise I made to K regarding potty training and visiting them, they did the same thing with their son. The only difference is that they promised him a trip the Magic Kingdom.

So we currently have nine people in the house. I don't think it has been quiet since they arrived (I am hiding out in the office to write this post). The bad thing, the only way that the kids are going to spend time together is if we take our kids tomorrow as well.

The good thing, I don't have to drive to the bay area. Not that I have anything against the bay area, it's just five hours each way. I know we were just there about a month ago, but I'd rather drive forty minutes than five hours.

Is it just me or does it seem that socks are the only thing that I have been knitting lately. Well actually they are the only things that I have been completing lately. I did, however, start on this the day before hubby went in for surgery.

This is my first lace project. It has taken me a while to get into the groove of things, but I am really starting to like this.

Monday, July 10, 2006


When I was growing up, we always had our "routine." On Fridays we would do all of the chores dust, vacuum, bathrooms, and laundry. In order to be able to do anything like go out with friends, I first had to come home to do my portion of the chores. Usually I would end up staying home because I could not finish all of the ironing. It wasn't all bad though because my best friend would come over we'd order pizza and rent movies. We would do this almost every weekend. I hated having to do chores, but loved having my best friend over.

To this day, I hate ironing. Don't get me wrong, I try not to let my family go out of the house looking like we just got them from the bottom of the hamper or anything. I do iron, but only if absolutely necessary. If hubby has to wear a suit, then I will iron the shirt that goes with it, but not all of the clothes at once like when I was younger.

The reason I mention this is because as much as I try not to be too structured and have too much of a routine. I realize that I do need the routine. The past few weeks have been a little chaotic and I realize how much I need it, the structure that is.

Not that things are so out of hand or anything. When I hurt my back, my house was out of control. I mean man was this place a mess. Before my back was healed, hubby had his surgery and was not able to help out (not that he helps out all that much anyway). With both of us out of commission, it was easy for the house to look, how should I say, bad.

Even though my routine is not the same as when I was younger, I still have a routine. Now that I have been out of the routine thing for the last couple of weeks, I am coming back to it. And it feels good.

Look what I finished a couple of days ago.

They are Hedera from Knitty. Click on the link under my finished projects in the sidebar for more details.

Now back to my knitting routine.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I can do it

Wow, so much has happened since my last post. Here is the rundown.

Hubby's surgery was a success. Though he did break out in hives afterward. Going in we/he told the doctors that he had an allergy to ibuprophen and would break out in hives as a result (this is one of the reasons why I was so nervous going into the whole surgery thing). After the surgery when I was sitting with him, I noticed that he hive all over his face. Though they didn't give him ibuprophen, he had a reaction to something that they gave him during the procedure. What it was he had a reaction to, we really don't know. Ugh!

The doctor said he will have full range of motion in his shoulder within six weeks. Which means I have been doing everything. And I mean everything.

This is what I got done while waiting for the doctor to show up for the surgery and during the surgery.

I kid you not, I started this while were in the waiting room for the surgery, got the toe done, realized that it was too big, frogged the toe, started again, and got this far. All while waiting for the surgeon to show up. No, I am not a speedy knitter, the doctor was two hours and forty-five minutes late for surgery. That's right two hours and forty-five minutes.

In fact, I forgot my crochet hook to do the provisional cast-on and just did a regular cast-on and picked up the stitches from the cast-on edge when I started to work in the round. I tried to do the figure-8 cast-on, but was having so much difficulty with it that I tried this way and though you can notice the difference where I picked up the stitches, I really like the way it looks.

It reminds me of the socks that have the line across the toe portion.

I'm rambling now. What else has happened since the last post. K is potty trained. Yes, that's right. I no longer have to change diapers. He is completely potty trained. We still put him in pull-ups at night, but he has been dry four of the last six nights. I guess it helped that I bribed him. I told him that if he would go in the toilet for seven days straight without any accidents that I would take him to see his cousin who moved to the bay area eight months ago. That was all the motivation he needed. Now I have to pay up. The cute thing is each and everytime he uses the latrine he asks me, "Me go see cousin now?"

Though I should say no because of this.

I was almost done with the second sock, maybe four or five more pattern repeats until they were the same length. When I came downstairs yesterday afternoon, there was K sitting with four dpn's in his hand with out any sock. I tried and tried to pick the stitches back up, but me and picking up lace, I just don't know how.

I'll still take him to see his cousins anyway. Afterall, I don't have to change diapers anymore.