Monday, August 28, 2006

Did Someone ask for a Superhero

You would think that I have not been knitting anything around here lately with all of the non-knittin' pictures and stuff. In actuality, I have. I have been knitting. The thing is I have also been busy with a few other things. But after all those other things are done, I usually sit in my chair and knit. I will usually knit until my hands just don't want to work any longer and start dozing off. Unfortunately for me, that (me getting tired) happens earlier and earlier every evening.

For one, I am not used to getting up with the alarm clock every morning. And because I am using an alarm clock, I actually start waking up at least forty-five minutes before the alarm goes off because I am so paranoid that I am going to wake up late and then the kids would be late for school. So needless to say, the knitting has been suffering a bit.

Though, I thought that I'd finally bring this to you.

Don't you love the model. I told him that he looks just like a superhero in a cape with it on and that I would give him candy if he did a good job. I think he did.

The reason I needed B to model the shawl was because I had been asking hubby to take pics of me for a couple of weeks now and as you can see, it still has not happened. So this was my plan C.

Plan B was this:

I think plan C had much more fun running around the house like a superhero afterwards.


Sachi said...

It's wonderful! I tried to make mine one-repeat larger and was 5 rows into chart 2 when I discovered I woudn't have enough yarn. I ripped a lot last night. That's always painful...

allison said...

Adorable super hero!! Gorgeous shawl!

Melissa said...

How sweet! You'll never be able to get him to model one in a few years! :)