Tuesday, August 08, 2006

It Was Meant To Be

I walk in to the LYS and immediately I see the mohair across the store. The ladies inside don't even notice me or my kids because they are discussing what and where they want to order food from and there is also another kid in the store yelling and screaming. This is highly unusual for this store (the kid part). In fact I only bring the kids with me if absolutely necessary and my kids have been warned that if they act up they will have to pay the wrath of me. I have never heard the store that loud with or without kids in. But that is another story all together.

Back to the story. I have my kids sit on the couch and I walk over to the mohair which is on the very top shelf. I reach up to grab one and it isn't even the same brand of yarn. At this point I think I sigh a loud %(*^#@. Still no one notices. Then I reach for another one and still wrong brand %*#&!

Now I know I should have just given up, but something told me that I had to look at every single skein of the baby blue mohair. Next I stretched out every inch of my five foot seven body while holding on to the shelf in order to get a few more inches out of me to get to the very top of the stack of yarn (I pulled the other two from the bottom) and look what I found.

The same brand of yarn and the same dye lot. I was so happy I almost kissed one of the owners.

On my way home I was thinking that after all this time they still had the same dye lot of yarn. Wow. Wait. Um. Then this thought came to me, is my taste in yarn so off that they still had the same yarn from a couple years back because no one else wanted it? No, it can't be. It must be because mohair is such a pain to work with that no one really wants it for that reason. I would definitely agree with that.


Melissa said...

It's definitely not becuase you had bad taste. People probably just didn't feel like wrestling with the top shelf.

Sachi said...

LOL! Rest assured that your taste in yarn is just fine.

Elaine said...

It's beautiful yarn. No worries. You had me going. I thought you were going to say that you pulled the whole shelf down on top of you.

allison said...

It has nothing to do with bad taste. It has everything to do with GOOD KARMA!! Yay Michelle!!!