Tuesday, March 27, 2007

From me to you

This past weekend same as the last...busy, busy, busy.

B is on Spring Break for the next two weeks. A couple of days before vacation started he had asked if I could take him to Disneyland while he was on vacation. After looking at the black out dates for our passes, I decided why not and that was where we were yesterday.

I have a couple of friends who have said that they would never take their kids anywhere by themselves. There are few things that I am not willing to do with my kids by myself. Hubby works a lot and if I had to wait for him, then the kids would miss many opportunities.

Now if it were the kids first time at Disneyland I wouldn't do it without Hubby. Not that I am not able or willing to, but I think that certain firsts should be done as a family. That's just me though.

Here is a picture of the boys mopping up the pirate ship at the park.

Why is it they will mop up a ship but I can barely get them to clean up after themselves at home?

I do have some advice for people who do go out with their kids. If you have a digital camera or a camera phone take a picture of your kids in the clothes they are wearing when you get to your destination. This way if your kids get lost, you have the most recent picture of your kids available.

The next piece of advice is to write your cell phone number on your kids in ink. This may sound silly, but if your child were to get lost they may not be able to remember your number. If it is written on them, all they have to do is show someone and hopefully they will call.

The reason I mention this is because while we were at Disneyland yesterday I saw two different children in different areas of the park who were lost. Both of the children who were lost were reunited with their parents, but the look on the children's and the parent's faces.

While we were walking back to the parking structure a family happened to separate K from me and B. Mind you I had K in my sight the entire time. When he first realized that he was not walking with B or myself he started looking around and was a little panicked. The next thing he did was pull up the sleeve on his shirt and was getting ready to show someone the phone number I had written on his arm. That is when he noticed B and I looking at him.

I finished the first sock and I have started on the second. Do you see the cuts on the ankle? Last week we went on a family jog/bike ride (Hubby and I jogged, B rode his bike, & K was in the jogging stroller). After we were done my ankle was a little sore and bothering me. So when I was getting ready to play soccer on Friday, I asked Hubby to tape the ankle because it was a little swollen and I didn't want it to get worse. Somehow the tape rubbed my skin raw. WTHeck?

My ankle is still a little swollen, though not as tender as it was. As a result, I don't think I will be able to finish Runagogo on my feet. The last 15 will have to be on the bike. I am a little disappointed, but I will finish.

Also, I am making the Runners Companion a free pattern. You can click on the link in the sidebar.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Exhausted Me

First, let me thank you for all of your comments regarding the socks. I have decided that I will not be frogging them. So hopefully within the next few weeks I will have a finished pair of socks for myself.

It has been a fun, but exhausting weekend.

A few months back one of Hubby's friends called and asked if I would sub for their Friday night indoor soccer team. Having absolutely no experience or background playing soccer, I agreed. So I have been "subbing" for this team every Friday since December (I use the term subbing loosely as Hubby's friend added me to their roster). I enjoy playing, but I honestly don't really know what I am doing while I am there, though I did manage to score two goals on Friday (woohoo for me).

So anyway I played soccer on Friday night. Saturday Hubby and I had a double header softball game. Sunday we had another softball game. So, when it came time this morning for my jog, I had nothing left in me. Maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow morning. I only have twenty miles left, I will get it done!

I have been working on something to help me get my jogs in.

Do ya like? I have made five of them for myself and one for Hubby.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

What to do, what to do?

Not a whole lot of knitting going on here lately. I don't know if it is the weather which is a whopping 90+ degrees or if it is the lack of interest in my latest WIP, which is a pair of socks in a self striping yarn.

I have actually frogged the socks three times trying three different stitch patterns, one of the times I frogged I was at the cuff of both of the socks before I realized that I couldn't quite pull them over the ankels...ugh!

I am going to ask for an opinion from you. What do you think of this stitch pattern? Does the yarn take away from the stitch pattern? Should I suck it up and frog again and do the sock in a plane stockinette stitch?

I just don't know.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Getting over the hump

See that expression on her face. That is how everyone in this household has felt at one time or another over the last few months, especially me. Though today K is home sick from pre-school.

What I wouldn't give to have all of my family healthy right now.

I started off the year with Strep and never fully recovered. After I was done with the first round of meds, I was still having some upper respiratory problems, which made running non-existent for the last two weeks. In fact I just finished my second round of antibiotics along with some other meds.

During B's four day weekend off from school a few weeks back (and during his birthday weekend, mind you) he got conjunctivitis, which is also known as pink eye. Two days later K had it.

After B was over the pink eye, he started having a sore throat along with coughing and was out of school for three days. K pretty much had the same and was out of school as well.

Hubby started to complain last week that his throat was bothering him when he came home from work. I looked at his throat and sent him straight to the doctors. Now I am not a doctor or anything, but one thing I do know is Strep having had it more times that I would care to remember.

Hubby is better, B is better, I am better, but now K is under the weather again. Ugh!

And come to think of it, we even had to take Pebelles (our dog) to the vet last week. So every single member of this family has had something wrong with them in the last six weeks.

The only place to go is up from here. Right?!?


BTW I was finally able to add some miles for Runagogo. I was sucking wind the entire time and my legs, well can we say jello anyone? I may have to spend some time on the bike, if I can't make up the last two weeks, but that will be my last resort.