Thursday, August 03, 2006


This summer has really been a doozy. Afterall, we had 19 days of 100+. Let's just say that I got my electric bill yesterday. My eyes almost popped out of my head when I saw it. I guess there will be no yarn purchases for a bit. Thank goodness for the change in weather.

This is the first year where every morning when we wake up there have been these little seeds on out balcony. I guess they really are not all that little, they are about the size of corn and remind me of coffee beans. I have collected about one hundred fifty or so of them. We think the birds are bringing us a gift or something (better this gift then the other gift they normally leave). Hubby and I don't know what the seeds are, but he is leaning towards the idea of it being some type of fruit.

I got the bright idea to try and sprout the seeds. I have started with about a dozen, we will just have to see what they turn out to be. That is unless someone know what the seeds are.

BTW: I am having trouble uploading pics with blogger is anyone else having the same problem?


Melissa said...

No earthly idea, but they sure are pretty!

Sachi said...

They look to me like palm tree fruit. Look up and see if you have palm trees with big bushels of berries at the top.