Sunday, March 12, 2006

No Wire Hangers!!!!

I finally finished the socks that I was working on. There was such a sense of accomplishment when I was done. I honestly enjoyed working with the little needles. I enjoyed it so much that I am already planning for some more socks in the future. And yes, they will be on tiny little needles.

The only thing that I did not realize, was that I was going to have to block the socks. Now instead of going out to buy one of those sock blocking things, I decided to make my own. I read in SnB Nation that you could make them out of wire hangers. This you have to understand was not an easy feat considering I don't use wire hangers, in fact as soon as we get them in the house, I will go and take the dry-cleaning off the wire hangers and place them back on plastic hangers and put the plastic back on them and then throw the wire hangers out (I think I watched Mommy Dearest too many times.) After searching my house I only found one.

Now me being me, I needed to make a pair and not just one, so when I was at my parents house I scoured their house as well and only found one. You would think that between two households, there would be more than just 2 wire hangers (I guess the apple doesn't fall far.) But, I now had two whole wire hangers. So this is what happened:

Lone wire hanger.

I pulled the center down to form a diamond.

Next I pushed the side in to form the shape of a foot.

Voila! A sock blocking thingy.

Ta Da!!! A pair of socks.

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