Wednesday, August 30, 2006


After having the same service provider for our cell phone coverage for oh, I don't know one hundred years or so, we finally decided to change over to the company they supposedly merged with. Afterall, the incentives and discounts are much better with the new company.

With the old company, if you wanted a new phone then you had to pay full price for the phone. No exceptions. Not even for customer loyalty. Customer service with the old company was/is horrendous. Even though we clearly weren't happy we stayed because we did not want to lose our numbers. Once the companies merged we thought our coverage would get better. Wrong.

Finally hubby decided that it was time to change. We knew that we could keep our numbers and the price was finally right for the change. Some of you may be saying that we are essentially staying with the same company because of the merger, but get this, after spending no less than four hours on the phone with customer service, even though the companies are "merged" they will not be completely merged for approximately five years. WTHeck???

Anyway, in all of the frustration with trying to switch and program the new phones, I somehow closed the car door on my car project and bent three of four of my size 0 needles. Thank goodness they were metal. Can you tell which of the needles were bent in two different places with at least a thirty degree bend?

I hope not because I have spent all the time that I was not on the phone with CS fixing the darn needles.

BTW one good thing about the change. I finally have a camera phone. Now I don't have any excuses to miss out because I forgot my camera. Though I am know to forget my phone quite often.

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Melissa said...

I hate cell phone companies with a passion!
The sock is looking great!