Friday, August 31, 2007

Eye Candy Friday

I did this on the kiddos first night of summer vacation and have been meaning to post this for a while.

Friday Night

Have a great weekend!

BTW B lost his second tooth in just as many weeks. I can hardly believe it. At the rate he is going he is going to bankrupt the tooth-fairy.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

stash baskets

After seeing Isel's stash basket, I knew that I had to make one. Then I got the idea that I would make two as gifts for my neighbor who is about to have twins. I have to admit that crochet is not one of my favorite things to do as I have to watch the hook and yarn while crocheting, unlike knitting where I don't have to look at what I am doing. One day, maybe one day I will be able to.

Anyway, here are the finished stash baskets.

stash baskets

stash baskets

stash baskets

I am thinking of filling them with some various little things that my neighbor will need for the babies.

This is what I have on the needles right now.

peekaboo rib sock wip

Have to go. K gets to meet his teacher today and I'm running late

Friday, August 24, 2007

Eye Candy Friday

From our camping trip last month.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Guess who lost their first tooth. I'll give you a hint.

see, I got a loose tooth

A few weeks ago, I noticed that one of B's teeth looked a little different, so when I asked him to show me the tooth, I noticed that it was a little loose. I told him not to mess with the tooth too much just in case it was my imagination and it really wasn't loose.

Well, the other day when B went to bite into an apple, he said that he couldn't eat it because of his tooth. That is when I caught him doing this.

I got a loose tooth

And this is B three hours later.

how much will I get for this?

I can't believe he is loosing teeth already, though I guess I shouldn't be too surprised because I know kids who have lost their baby teeth much earlier than this. The funny thing is, that as soon as B realized that his tooth was as loose as it was he took our point & shoot camera and took about three dozen pictures of his mouth. After the tooth came out, in addition to all of the pics that Hubby and I took of him, he took even more of himself.

Also look what I made this weekend.

Yee Haw Hat

It's the Yee Haw Lady hat from the Happy Hooker. I love it. My crochet skills are a bit lacking in the sense that I had to fudge with the pattern just a little because I couldn't keep the stitch count, but all in all I think the had turned out great. And it only took a few hours to complete. Though I think I need to learn how to hold the hook a bit differently because my fingers were a little sore afterwards

Friday, August 17, 2007

Eye Candy Friday

Happy Friday. This is one of my favorite shots from Sea World.

big and little

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

That was fast

Summer vacation that is. B went back to school yesterday and all I have to say is wow. I could have sworn that summer vacation just started. Though I guess when you are busy time seems to fly.

Our traditional first day of school pic.

B's first day of first grade

Remember when I said that we did more well there was one more place to be exact.

what we did this summer part 2

Before we had kids Hubby and I would go casino-hopping now we go arcade-hopping...go figure.

We figured out that while Hubby was on vacation, we drove over eighteen-hundred miles, at least two months to achieve under normal circumstances.

Oh and I got my Ravelry invite. Let's just say that I have not had enough sleep for the last couple of nights because of it. It's that addicting.

And finally Cathy of Woman who says Knit tagged me for the Rockin' Girl Blogger! So now it's my turn. I am tagging Jean, Sachi, Cara, Scout, and Jill.

Monday, August 13, 2007

I know what I did this summer

Here is a little glimpse of what we have been up to for the last three weeks.

what we did this summer part 1

If you click on the pic, it will take you to my flickr page and you can see the bigger versions from there. And you know what, there is actually more, but I am too tired to upload the rest of the pics. Soon, I promise.

As for the knitting, there has been little, very little.