Thursday, August 10, 2006

My Blocking Saga

How many times does or should one pin and re-pin while blocking? I ask this because I think I must have done the whole pinning and re-pinning about a thousand times before I thought that I could leave it alone and there is still a part of me that wants to go back and fix it again.

In fact after seeing this picture above and noticing the white pin was crooked I got up and fixed it.

The whole time I was pinning, I kept thinking is this what it is to have OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). I mean I honestly thought that I was going to go insane with the whole pinning thing, but then I thought that it must be that I just don't want to ruin all of the hard work that I put into the shawl with a crappy block job. But in the back of my mind I think there may be something to the OCD thing with me.

Think about it. I can not leave my house for a trip with out cleaning the whole thing. Not just a superficial clean either. I mean I really clean it. Every. Single. Room. I even have friends who have called the day before I was to leave and when I mention that I am cleaning I get the, "Oh yeah, that's right you are leaving for __________ tomorrow."

But then thinking about my personality, I couldn't have it. I don't stress over many things (at least not too many in my opinion). One example was my wedding day, the photographer stepped on my dress and ripped the entire train of the dress. My reaction was one that shocked people. I looked at the rip and just said, "Oh well, it's not like I am ever going to wear it again." (It was after the ceremony and people already saw me walk down the aisle)

Also, when I ask people to do things (like hubby washing dishes as an example), I really don't care how they are done, just that they are done.

But, when I do things I am pretty neurotic in the way that I do them.

Though, when I am knitting and I realize that I made a mistake forty-five rows back, I more often than not will just leave it (if it doesn't make the garment look too off) and some how incorporate it.

I honestly don't think I have OCD, but the whole time I was pinning really made me think. We all probably have some degree of OCD that shows up more in certain things we do. Me from the examples above are the way I clean and when and the pinning of knitted items.

I know, I don't have OCD, I am just particular.


Sachi said...

You know, I gave up on cleaning when we had M's son living with us. It was either let go of my neat-nick ways or spend all my time yelling and screaming. I chose the latter.

That being said, if something gets cleaned, I'm very serious about HOW clean it gets. It's been very hard to resign myself to letting M vacuume even though he doesn't take out the hose attachements and go around all the corners.

If for no other reason, this makes being the bread winner suck.

Sachi said...

Oh! And Icarus looks amazing!!!!!