Monday, October 06, 2008

That was then

How many times has this happened to you? Someone finds out you knit and the next words out of their mouth is...

..."Will you make me..."
..."I want you to knit me..."

I find this happens quite often. Some of the time, I tell people if I have time I will make them whatever it is they are asking. And more often I tell people I don't have the time, but if they want me to teach them to knit, I would be more than happy.

Unfortunately most of the time it is family members who expect knitted items whenever they see something they like and know I can make it.

About six months or so ago my mom told me to make asked me to make her a mobius. At the time I told her I didn't have the time and I would make it when I can. Well that was then.

I finally had time to make the mobius for her.



I will probably give it to her for her birthday next month (if I don't forget I have it and get her something else).

I am really curious though, do a lot of people ask you to knit or make things for them when they find out you knit/craft. And if they do, how do you handle it?