Monday, August 07, 2006

So Close, Yet So Far

As you can tell, I have been making progress on the Icarus Shawl from the Summer 2006 IK.

Ok, you really can't see the progress on the shawl itself, but this is the last chart from the pattern and as you can see from the chart I only have thirteen rows left plus four rows written out which makes seventeen rows. Not bad, but here is the problem. I only have enough yarn for maybe one row.

I know people are always saying make sure you have enough yarn for your project and blah blah blah. I can't tell you how many times I have been on the last row or few rows of a project only to run out of yarn. Now usually I could just go back and make some minor adjustments, I can come up with some type of solution like I did here, or just cave in and go buy more yarn, no biggie. But, there are a couple of problems here.

The first, where would I make the adjustments? I am far to lazy to actually frog forty-five plus rows and of mohair. I don't think so. The second problem is this I have had this yarn for at least a year or two, I don't even think the LYS would have the same dye lot in stock anymore. Though I did remember seeing the same yarn there a couple of weeks back.

So now I am off to the LYS with the kids in tow just hoping that the yarn matches close enough. Otherwise, I may just buy some random funky color that matches in no way, shape, or form and have a different color edge.


Sachi said...

Doh! Yeah. I'll be putting in a lifeline to make frogging easier on Icarus. I know that I may have to modify for the sake of saving yarn and, it's so damned depressing to frog so many rows that the lifeline will make it seem a little easier some how... just mindlessly frog until you reach it.

But Mohair! Oy!

allison said...

Oh no!! Poor you!! I so hope you find the yarn you're looking for 'cause frogging mohair will make you wish you never learned how to knit in the first place.
(Your icarus is looking beautiful though!!)

Melissa said...

Good luck! I hope you find the right dye lot.