Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Best Laid Plan

Ever have plans for something, really good plans too, only to not have them go through? The better question is if you ever have had a list and plan for lets say a hundred things and only complete two of them? It seems as though that has been the story of my life for the last year. I make a list (usually mental) of things that I want and or need to do and I prioritize the list. Of course blogging is on the list, unfortunately it has been one of the items that has not been on top of the list. Other things that are on the list (that have yet to be done) include cleaning my baseboards and windows, going through the closet, re-doing my garden (though I wonder if I can really call it a garden, if technically it is nothing but overgrown weeds, rose bushes, and shrubs), you get the idea though.

Most of my time this last year has been spent volunteering for various things that my boys are involved in. And though I have had a lot to say, I'm not sure that you want to hear about things that are not knitting/craft related. Another thing I'm not sure about is whether or not you like to read posts without pictures. I know what I like and I try to give what I like to receive. I love when blogs have pics and since I have not been taking as many pics lately, I have been hesitant to post. I don't know, I just feel as though, there has been a lot on my plate and I have seemed to justify to myself why I haven't posted. I still check on many blogs frequently, I just haven't been giving back.

One of the (many) reasons is we have recently had a new addition to our family.


Our Beeches

Obviously, she is not of the human kind, but the canine kind. Her name is Duchess. We are not sure of her exact breed as she was abandoned on the side of the road with four of her siblings. The wife of Hubby's co-worker saw them be abandoned and well, the rest I guess you could say is history. The vet thinks Sheppard/Terrier/Chihuahua mix, though I can honestly say I don't think think there is any chihuahua. The pic above was taken the day we got her home and she weighed in at a whopping 3.8 lbs. That was about five weeks ago. Today she weighs closer to 12 lbs.

If only someone could have reminded me the part about how hard the house training process was going to be...UHG!!!!