Friday, December 22, 2006

They did it!

"MOM!" B yells from the kitchen.

"Yes, B."

"Brother spilled some of his milk."

"Okay, help him wipe it up and I will be right there."


When I got to the kitchen, this is what I found:

The good thing is they did try to clean up the spilled milk. I just didn't think that they were going to use all the napkins trying to do so. Next time, I think I will be more specific and tell them to use a towel instead.


Sachi said...

OK. That's so cute I can't stand it.

Lisa L said...

This gave me quite a laugh this afternoon! Sadly, I have a 13 year old and this is STILL what I would find if this happened in our house!!

g-girl said...

haha. that's great! at least they wiped it up--you didn't say how you wanted it done or that they needed to throw the wet paper towels away after they used them!