Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Strange but true

Hubby and I met through a friend that I went to junior high school with. From the moment I met him there was something there, a little spark as some would say. Whenever I would go to this friends house or to a party and he was there, we would talk, flirt, but that was that.

A year after we met, while I was playing volleyball for the college I was attending, I sprained my ankle. I had not seen my future hubby in quite some time, but the very next time that I had seen him he, too had sprained his ankle, though, while he was playing basketball with some friends. We both thought that it was a little funny, but that was it.

Another year had passed and this time I had taken a pretty bad fall mountain bike riding with an ex-boyfriend. My leg was pretty bad, in fact I still have the scars on my thigh from the road rash. The very next time I had seen my future hubby, he too had road rash, though his was from sliding while playing baseball. Again it was funny, but we didn't think much of it.

We started dating about a year after the road rash, occasionally we have joked about how neither of us can get hurt because that means the other will have a similar type of injury. So far, so good on the injury portion of it.

You may be wondering what has brought this bit of nostalgia to mind. Well, I'll just show you.

Those are the gifts that Hubby and I bought for each other for Christmas. The scary thing is that we even wrapped them in the same manner. Each of us put the Nano inside one of the shoes to "surprise" the other.

If Hubby and I aren't meant to be, then I don't know who is.

Now for a little teaser.

I finished the socks. I will post about them next time.


Carrie said...

Awesome story about your husband! I take it as a given that you don't try to keep any secrets from each other... who knew that true love meant sharing everything??? Looking forward to the socks post!

Sachi said...

That's wonderful. All of it. Shoes, socks, Nano, story... the whole shebang!