Thursday, December 28, 2006


I finally finished the Jaywalkers. They were really a joy to work and I can't wait to make another pair. I tried to put a little button on my sidebar to create the easy link, but for some reason, it won't save. I figure blogger is just being blogger, so maybe tomorrow it will work. But if you absolutely cannot wait for the one in the sidebar, you can click here.

I really want to start on another pair of socks for myself, but I am actually starting to feel a little guilty because I rarely knit for the boys. I think that I should knit something for them before I knit anything else for myself. I already have an idea of what it will be (a Star Wars cap), but there are a few details that I have to work out.
I will keep you posted though.
ETA: The link is now working in my sidebar.


Dipsy D. said...

Your Jaywalkers are absolutely gorgeous, what a beautiful yarn you were using for them! Great job!
Happy New Year, and all the very best to you and your family!

Stephanie said...

Your Jaywalkers are fabulous! I just finished my first pair too...and have cast-on a second pair already.

Great blog!