Tuesday, December 05, 2006

It's That Time

For those who choose to make gifts, decorate the house, etc. for the holiday season, it sure feels as though it is the busiest time of the year. It's even busier for those of us who are a bit on the disorganized side. Last year, by the time Thanksgiving was done, I was pretty much done with my holiday list of things to do/buy/make.

This year is another story. The list feels like it is a mile long. Though, I do have a stack of gifts ready to go, but labeling, packaging, and wrapping is going to be two hour project in itself. Everytime I finish a handmade gift my inner-voice tells me to make the label for it before I put it away, but I just ignore it along with all of the other voices.

The one thing that should be checked off is the photo for our holiday card, but B busted his lip last week and hubby wants to wait until it heels. Hopefully within the next couple of days (everyone keep your fingers crossed).

For now I will leave you with this:

This is the boys decorating their very first gingerbread house a mere three hours before B busting his lip open. I think they ended up eating more candy than was actually used for the house.


Melissa said...

The house is so cute!

Anonymous said...

look how cuute!!