Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Where it all Started

I remember when I was little I would watch as my grandmother would knit or crochet and each and everytime I would ask if she could teach me. Each time she was knitting I would try and would end up just winding the yarn around the right needle thinking that I was “knitting”. When I would finally realize that I did not have a knitted piece but just one long piece of yarn my grandmother would kindly pull out a crochet hook and let me at it. I was always so proud of my long 39825072739 inch of crochet chain. Eventually I could make little crocheted squares, but that was pretty much it.

My grandmother was never able to successfully teach me to knit. It wasn’t until I was pregnant with my second son in January of 2003 when I got this magazine in the mail.

When I was going through the magazine, I came across this article here.

After all these years, I finally decided it was time for me to learn how to knit. Now the cast on method in the magazine was for some reason not clicking in my brain so I went to a local craft store and purchased this to help me with the parts that I was not understanding from the magazine

From those two sources I learned enough to make a couple of scarves. At that point, knitting was just something that I would do occasionally. Afterall, I had a moss stitch scarf that took me a good year or so to make because I would only work on it occasionally.

The next “big” knitting project that I gave myself was when I found out that my best friend was pregnant. I decided that I would knit her little one a baby blanket. I found out that she was pregnant in January of 2004 and she was not due until September. I went and purchased the yarn and a pattern book and started right away. I think I finished the blanket while she was in labor at the hospital. It is not that I was not working on it, I just wasn’t one who knit everyday. I would knit when I was in the mood and I was a very slow knitter. In fact when I went to the hospital and gave her the blanket I was in such a rush that I forgot to weave in the ends.

Later that month I was at the market and I saw this magazine.

After looking in it I decided that it was going to be a handknit Christmas from me. That is when the whole felted bag disater happened. I made two other sweaters from that mag. As it turned out I did not give out any handmade gifts that year. It was way too embarrassing. Though I did make socks for my grandparents (they were knit flat and seamed up the back).
Anyway, it was during this time that I transformed from the person who just knew how to knit to the person who loves to knit.

These are the remains from one of the sweaters from that Christmas.

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