Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Epitome of Laziness

Here is a picture of the epitome of me being lazy.

Yeah, that's right, rather than frog the previous project into nice little balls of yarn. I am going straight from one project to another. It reminds me of my younger son learning to crawl. When he was first learning to crawl we would put his toys a few feet away from him in order to get him to crawl to them. Which he did, sort of. He would do the commando crawl until he was just within an arms length of the toy, then he would extend his arms as far as he could possibly reach to get to the toy. He would choose to do this each and every time. And each and every time we would joke about how lazy he was being. We really don't know where he could have gotten any of that from though. It is not as though he has a mom who knits straight from one disastrous project to the next without winding the yarn back into balls or anything.

This history of this project goes a little something like this. Some time last year I had made a long black rectangular wrap/scarf for my mom. During a one-week period a couple of months back I saw no fewer than three different family members wearing it. I had made a comment to my mom that the wrap had come in very handy. She had agreed and then mentioned how my grandmother had really liked it and how I should make one for her, but that it should be blah, blah, blah, triangular, blah, blah, blah. All I heard was triangular so initially I was trying to make a triangular wrap for my grandmother. It didn't work and so now it is going to be a long rectangular wrap in a nice little basket weave pattern.

PS It took me way too long to upload the images from blogger. I had to retry a gazillion times over the course of a couple of hours.

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