Saturday, May 27, 2006

Two, Four, Six, Eight

I finished the wash clothes for my son's teacher. This project was just the thing I needed to get over the whole second sock thing.

In fact after finishing the wash clothes I have been knitting away on the second sock, whenever I am not in the house. It is now my portable project. I finally am comfortable enough with the pattern that I don't have to work on it at home. I'd show you a new picture of it, but I think that it is only a little more than two or three inches past the last time I showed you.

I'll put up the details of the wash clothes in my finished projects. If you want the details click on the link in the sidebar.


foggyknit said...

hi, those face cloths look like a wonderful personal touch for teacher's. It's also quite and effort cranking all those out. I like the lemon-lime one and the blue/purple colorways :)

Knitting Mummy said...

Hi, I just wondered if you could tell me what kind of yarn you use to knit face cloths, I am in the UK and it doesn't seem that common for people to knit them over here. I assume you actually use them to wash your face (hope I don't sound too stupid), so would have to be made out of something pretty robust. Thanks.Amanda.

Knitting Mummy said...

Thanks for the reply, that is really helpful, I shall look out for 100% cotton and also try that website, thanks again.