Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mom's Day!

Happy mom's day to all!

This morning I woke up to my hubby telling my sons to shhhhhh, your supposed to let mom sleep in today. Then he made me a wonderful breakfast omelet and coffee. Then he did the unthinkable for him.

Yes, those are his hands washing dishes. Not mine. I think this only happens once, maybe twice a year. He was the one who even told me to take a picture for prosperity.

I do have to thank hubby though. Without him I would not be what I am today, a Mommy. Thanks Hubby!

please excuse the self portrait

My mom's day actually started on Friday when my son's school had a Mother's Day Tea. The first thing that I opened was a card that his teacher had transcribed for each of her students. It brought a tear to my eye when I first read it.

I will let you know this, there is one slight inaccuracy on it (like I am not 21 years old, but I once heard someone's once say that after you hit 30, it just stops, so maybe I am still 21, after all these years). But did you see the nice things that he said about me? That is what really brought the tears on. He thinks I look pretty everyday and he thinks I do wonderful stuff for him. There are no words that could describe how good reading this made me feel.

I had a very good time at the tea and received this for a gift:

Can you tell what it is? Besides a plate that is. If you are familiar with the whole Star Wars thing then you would know that it is an Imperial Walker. Yes, my son, who is five, is obsessed with anything Star Wars. On Friday, his teacher, who happens to also be a Michelle, watched and then laughed with me when I opened this. You see, every week they have a letter of the week and the children are supposed to try and bring a share toy that correlates with the letter of the week if they can. And let me tell you, B sure can. Let's see. For C he brought a Clone Trooper, for E he brought in someone from the Empire, for G he brought in General Grevious, for R he brought in a Rebel Troop, you get the idea. It has been that way since the beginning of the school year.

For back to school night a couple of months back he even made this for his display:

All I could do is giggle when I see it. If you look and use your imagination like he did you could see the legs. I am so glad that he made me this plate. I am going to cherish this forever. And I do sincerely mean that.

I know that some of the things that kids come across in life are going to just be fads and this may be one of them. But now I know that I will always have something to remember this phase (or not) of his life to remember.

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