Monday, April 17, 2006

Bad Habits

I have some bad habits. I post about projects that I start and for some reason, do not seem to follow-up when I am done. Do you remember this post? Well, it is finished, but I don't have any photos. How about this one? Finished, no photos.

The reason there are not any photos of some of the projects is because I usually have to wait until hubby gets home from work to take the photos or trust my 5 year old to do it. I did the tri-pod thing for this post, but it took a lot of pictures to get those two and hubby gave me funny looks when I left it out in our room.

I apologize for my thoughtlessness and disregard for you. I say this with sincerity. I will try to be a better blogger. I will post pictures of finished objects especially when I post about their beginnings. And to show that I mean it, look at this:

It is the sweater that hubby asked me to make for his friend's daughter. I actually had it finished last week, but it has been sitting all by itself on our desk waiting and waiting for me to sew in the little label I made for it. As I had said in a previously, I wanted to try a few new techniques with this sweater, which I was able to do. There were three to be exact.

The first was a top down sweater. Thanks to this wonderful book. I don't know why but I was really intimidated to try the whole top down thing, but I did it and this is how it turned out. The second thing that I wanted to try was the whole knitting both the arms at the same time with two circs. I have to say, I did not care for this one. I think it actually took me longer to finish the sleeves than if I had done them individually on double points, but I have to admit, I do like the fact that I know without a doubt the sleeves are the exact same length. I love symmetry what can I say? The third technique was the magic loop. I used this method for the ruffled cuffs. If I don't have dpns with me, I will definitely keep this one in mind. The only thing about this was that I did notice a bit of laddering. It is probably me and not the technique that caused that.

The only thing left to do is block* the sweater and sew the label in, which has to be done by this weekend.

When that is done I will post more pics, I promise.

*A funny story (well to me anyway). Hubby was looking at the pictures from this post at about the time I was working on this. When I finished the sweater he asked me if I was going to block it. Now I hadn't planned on it, but since he actually asked and knew what he was talking about, I feel compelled to do it now.

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PnP said...

I adore this sweater Michelle! By any chance did you write down your changes or pattern for it? My daughter would flip if I made her something like this. Its terrific. If so, I would LOVE it.

:-) Debra