Friday, April 07, 2006

I Have Starsky, Where's Hutch?

I have a finished project. I have a finished project. WooHoo!!! I actually finished Starsky on Sunday, but it has been such a hectic week that I did not have time to take photos. I kept waiting for hubby to get home from work early enough to take the pictures, but it just never seemed to happen. Then I realized that one we own a tri-pod and two our camera has a self-timer mode. So after about one hundred gazillion self portraits, here are the two that are the best:

Back shot of the sweater.

Front of the sweater
I have actually been wearing the sweater all week. I love it! It is warm, but not too warm. The only thing that I have noticed while wearing it is that the ribbing around the front and collar tend to pull the sweater up and make it a little shorter. I think if I block it again and with a little wear, it will soften up a bit.
It was a little weird towards the end of this project. I started feeling a little sad in some ways. I know I am a dork, but I was feeling sad because I didn't know exactly what I was going to work on next. This happens to me at the end of every project I do. Remember, I am not the knitter who has multiple projects going at a time. In fact I just graduated from only having one to having two, a home and a travel project and that is only because of this project that I just finished. So bear with me. Anyway, I was feeling a little sad and then when I was working on the belt hubby asks me if I could knit something for one of his co-workers daughter. Instantly I was happy again because this would give me a chance to try a couple of techniques I have been looking forward to. I will post about them later.
Oh, and by the way sorry about the photos, it was very early and I had no caffeine in my system, you're just lucky I am awake enough to have realized and been able to edit my jammies out of the back shot.


Dave said...

Looks great!!

Jordana said...

I looks really nice Michelle. The banana leaf pattern shows up so well in the color you selected.

heidi said...

It really looks great on you!

goodkarma said...

Yay! Starsky looks fantastic on you. Do you mind sharing which size you knit? The pattern calls for 8" of ease, which seems like an awful lot. Yours looks like a perfect fit. Congrats!