Friday, April 21, 2006

A Sweater and Socks

Hubby keeps asking me to make things for his friends daughter. Remember the gator and duck mitts? When I was done he had mentioned that I should make some for Valerie, his friends daughter. I think he thinks that she is our adopted daughter. I don't mind though, I do love making things, especially for little girls. So without further ado, here is the finished picture of the ruffled edge sweater I promised you:

Did you notice the socks? I made those as well. They were very simple to make. The only thing that they needed besides socks that can be purchased, fingering weight cotton, and a small crochet hook were 60 of these beads:

And they can be purchased at any craft store. I have seen these socks all over the place and they are not that cheap. I could make at least a dozen for the price they are asking for one pair. And mine even match the outfit perfectly.

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Lynne said...

They are so sweet! What a great gift.