Tuesday, March 21, 2006

X Games, Knitting Style

Let me tell you a little something. Generally I am the type of knitter that only has one WIP at a time. Yes, you read me right. I only have ONE project on the needles at a time. I don't know what it is about me, but I can not have multiple projects going on at a time. That was until this past weekend.

I finished the shrug I was working on for my aunt on Saturday evening (finished photos will come soon), and I was all ready on Sunday to start my next project when hubby and I decided to go Snowboarding. See, I have been itching to go for the last 6 years or so, but being pregnant, having a newborn/toddler (twice). It just did not feel right to go. But that is a story for another post. Anyway, my parents agreed to watch K, while we took B with us. I had nothing on the needles and I really wanted to work on Starsky, but I have a tendency to get car sick if I am reading, so following a chart while knitting in the car was out of the question. That is when I had a bright idea. I will be one of those knitters who has a traveling project and a home project.

I had been toying with the idea to work on a pair of toe up socks with a broken rib pattern on it. It is a small project and even though I had never done a pair from the toe down, I figured what the heck. So I started on the socks as we pulled out of the driveway. So on the way to the mountains, I completed the toe portion of the sock (wahoo). On the way back I started working the foot portion of the sock. This is what I had by the time we got home:

Not bad for about 2 hours of knitting in the car, half of which was in the dark. But there is a problem, or should I say a couple. First off, the sock is way to loose for my foot, and if it is too big for my foot, there is no way that it would ever fit any person that I could give it to I have big feet). Second look closely at the picture. Do you see it? On the left, the bottom needle, the one that is a different color than the rest. Yes, that one. That needle is oh, only 1mm smaller than all of the others. So you know what I did? I frogged it. Yup, sure did. And now it fits better and all of the stitches are being worked on the same size needles.

I should have listened to that inner voice when I was knitting in the car that was telling me, "Michelle, I thought that this set of double points only came in a set of four". Unfortunately my reply to myself was, "You bought another set so you could have five".

It was dark, I had been snowboarding for about 5 hours, and all common sense was left on top of the mountain.

So anyway the point of the story is this: I am now a knitter that has two projects going at a time. The home project and the traveling project (let see how long this lasts).

*By the way, I only fell 2 times while snowboarding. Not bad for having been gone from the sport for so long.

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