Monday, April 24, 2006


I have become an obsessed woman. Oh wait, I knit, you already knew that. Well I am even more obsessed now. What is it this time. It is still knitting involved, but now I am becoming obsessed with socks. Now for some of you this may not be a big deal, but for me it is for many many reasons. You see, I live in Southern California. Technically, I don't think there is a need for wool socks except for the two maybe three months that it is actually cold over here. Also, if you know me, I am usually either in flip-flops or running shoes (comfort baby). And up until a couple of months ago, the thought of knitting with long toothpicks did not spark an interest. I have however made socks for some special people in my life who always are complaining of cold feet (grandparents, uncle) but for me to make socks for myself, well, I just never really thought of it. I do however have yarn that I purchased for socks in my stash for gifts for my special peeps. One of the girls at my LYS told me that hand knit sock were the best, but at the time I wasn't really interested so all I did was smile politely and tell her some day.

I have a ton of Cascade's Fixation that I had purchased when I thought that I was going to knit nothing but swimsuits for myself after seeing the swimsuit episode of DIY's Knitty Gritty (I am not going to post finished photos of myself in it I want you to stay as readers not scare you off, but I will tell you that you really can wear the swimsuit in water, I wouldn't wakeboard or surf in it though, although, I can't do either, but that is another story.) So I have a ton of fixation in my stash and initially decided to make these for me.

But when grandma asked for them, how could I say no. So when I went to replenish my stash a couple of weeks ago, among other items that we will not talk for fear of hubby reading this, I purchased two skeins of this:

I had no particular pattern in mind at the time, I just thought that they would make a cute pair of socks for somebody someday. Well, that somebody is me and that day is today (or whenever I finish them).

When I initially was working on my gauge swatch, I thought that they would make a cute pair of plain socks, nothing fancy shmancy, but when I saw the color, I thought hey wait, I think I know what would look good.

They are Jaywalker's by Grumperina for MagKnits. When I first started to work on my Jaywalker, I went to try and pull the yarn from the center of my skein and look what I found:

It is reinforcement yarn. Hooray! I feel like I just hit the jackpot or something. Though if I would have looked and really read the label for more than just yardage, needles size, and care instructions when purchasing the yarn I would have noticed the part where it said "+ 5 g of reinforcement yarn" just under the yardage. Even if I had noticed it, I probably wouldn't have figured out what they meant by that anyway.

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