Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Gators and Ducks

There are times when I am between large projects when I need some instant gratification. During those times I will usually go into my stash and see what I have and try to come up with something from there. Usually it is a hat. Well after finishing the sweater for my husband's friend, I was in one of those I want to finish something fast modes, not to mention that I didn't have enough* yarn to complete any projects that would take longer than say, oh, um all of ten minutes (I have since taken care of that problem).

I dug into my stash and finally made something that I had been wanting to make for a long while.

They are the Later 'Gator Mitts from Stitch 'n Bitch Nation. They are the smallest size mitts for my youngest son. While I was knitting them, hubby looks at me then asks or should I say tells me, "You are going to make a pair for B, because you know if he sees K with them on, he is going to want a pair of his own."

Gee, I had never thought of that. Afterall, I am the mother, the one who is with them all day long. The one who knows that if one has something, then the other has to have it or they will be chasing each other around the house trying to get it from one another while screaming and crying. But, I wouldn't have thought of that.

After I had finished making the gator mitts, I let B see them and asked him if he wanted a pair. It was so cute because his eyes lit up and with that little excited voice that he gets said, "yes, mommy."

So then I asked him if he liked the gators where his reply was, "yes, but could you make me ducks instead."

"Uh, yeah, sure."

So after a few modifications, here is what I finally came up with:

I followed the basic pattern of the gator mitts. When I finished them, I had asked B to try them on. His reply to me was only if he did not have to take any pictures of them. He knows me so well. Mom knits something for me, mom wants a picture of me in it. Although, I have to admit I was a bit embarrassed when he said that.

These are great stashbusting projects. Though I can't tell you exactly how much yarn was used, I know it was not very much as I still have some left over. I may even try and come up with some other animals for some fun little gifts. The best part is that I think I finished the gators in less than 3 hours which included the seaming. The ducks took a bit longer, but that was because I was not working straight from the pattern and trying to come up with something as I went along.

Here is a pic of duck and gator playing with each other.

At any given time during the day, you could substitute my kids for the mitts. K is always jumping on B's back for "horsey" rides saying, "Yee haw tahowboy, gitty yup."

And here are pics of the boys playing with their mitts.

*I have since taken care of that little situation ;b

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