Monday, March 27, 2006

The Blob is Here

I feel like such a blob. I have not done any type of exercise in over two weeks (snowboarding and softball do not count). For some that is fine, but for me I am really feeling it. I need my gym time. It is the one thing, besides knitting, that I do that actually relaxes and relives me from stress. I've noticed that I have been a little wound up lately as a result.

There are two main reasons why I have not gone to the gym. The first being that I have been sick, so sick infact that I could have probably coughed up a lung or two during any portion of a work-out, especially the hard part where you pull into the parking lot. Now that I am at about 85%, I feel I can resume my regular work-out routine. But no, that would bring me to the second reason why I can not go to the gym. Kev, my 2 1/2 year old, has decided that even though he is no longer coughing and the like, is going to continue to let his nose run. I know that some mom's would just say fughetaboutit, but with all of the yucky germs and my luck I would bring home something much worse than what he left here with (which is not easy to do). So one (or two) more days (weeks) at home will not damage me anymore than usual. I will try to go for a run after hubby gets home from work, I just hope I remember how. It's left-right-left-right, breath in-breath out, all at the same time or something like that.

I thought that I'd post a picture from something other than what I am working on right now. What do you think of this stitch pattern:

It is actually a FO that has been off the needles for quite sometime now. I'll wait to post the entire picture. Afterall, I know how you all like these little guessing games.

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