Thursday, June 29, 2006

Missing Fingers

Here's the deal. Tomorrow morning hubby will be having surgery. It is not an emergency type procedure, he has been having problems with his shoulder for the last couple of years and finally it has gotten to the point where he took the initiative to correct the problem. If you know hubby then you know it has to be serious when he does this. In the last eleven years I can count on one hand with missing fingers how many times he has gone to the doctor.

Nonetheless, he is going to have surgery. This is something that frightens me. Suffice to say, I may not be posting all that much for the next few days or so.

For now I will leave you with this.

Did you notice that there are three different projects here? Okay, maybe not three on the needles, but there will be and maybe even four, who knows. I have enough needles to have about thirteen gazillion projects going at a time, but who I am kidding, I am afraid to use them. The socks on the right are being made with baby cashmere, the soft blue is the beginnings of my first lace project, and the yarn in the back is going to be socks (they are going to be my travel/mindless knitting).

The one thing I look forward to about the surgery is that it will be free knitting time for me.

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Sachi said...

Don't sweat the surgery, my dear. Sure, there are risks with any surgery, but the reality is that, with joint surgeries, there is usually very little involved. As long as he is kind to that shoulder and doesn't do any slam-dancing or playing of football, he it should last him a good, long while without pain or problem.

Yay for mindless knitting! I truly enjoy what variagated colors do when knit up but can often not stand the hours of mindlessness. I will welcome any such opportunity should it come my way. But I hope it doesn't come in the form of hospital stays. ;-)

Chin up! It'll be fine. Although, as with most men, he might be overly whiny until his shoulder starts cooperating with him again. I just humor my man when he gets that way (and he's like your guy, hates to complain to a doc about little things).

Now that I've written you a novel, I hope you have the chance to check in with your loyal readers soon.