Tuesday, June 27, 2006


I finally finished the everlasting Mata Hari Socks. I initially I found the pattern through this site a while back, I really liked the simplicity of Kathy's finished socks and knew that eventually I would like to make a pair. But if you look at these finished socks and these finished socks and then look at this

I don't think they look all that similar. Here is a better look at the stitch pattern.

Yeah, it still doesn't look like their FO pictures. The funny thing is when I was knitting this, I forgot what their socks looked like and even though my socks don't look like theirs, I realized that they sorta look like the ones that are pictured in the chart. Or do they, am I hallucinating? All in all I enjoyed the new challenge of knitting on toothpicks US 0's.

ETA: I just realized why my FO is not like the others. When I was looking up the pattern, I failed to actually read the entire post at Craftoholic's blog. If I would have paid attention, I would have realized the chart was for another pair of socks and the instructions for the Mata Hari's were in the post. I am not sure what the name of the charted pattern socks are so I am going to call mine "Not the Mata Hari's" I am such a dork!


allison said...

those are lovely...they look very cozy. although admittedly, they don't look like the mata hari's posted elsewhere. they do however look like the socks from the chart...i think that's the chart for her orchid socks.

Anonymous said...

those are really beautiful, thanks for stopping by project snuggle

Melissa said...

First of all, your legs are tan! I'm jealous.
Secondly, I love the socks anyway!