Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Don't Drink the Water

There has been another baby born here in these suburbs of Southern California. You may ask what does this have to do with knitting. My response to that would be nothing, this has nothing to do with knitting, but I think there may be something in the water around these parts, or at least on our street in particular and it has a y chromosome in it.

There are approximately 34 houses on our street. We are the original owners of our home and have been here for about 9 years. In the time that we have been here there have been babies born. No biggie right? Right. The only thing is that since we have been here of all the babies that have been born to families living on this street have been boys. Okay, well not all, though you may be wondering how many are boys, fourteen are. And how many girls you may ask? Two. That's right there have only been two girls that have been born on the street since we have lived here. Now don't get me wrong there are girls that live on our block, just not many who were born here. The great thing is that all of the kids do get along great and play together wonderfully.

There is one family who has four boys. Me and a couple (most) of my neighbors have two. The family who welcomed the new little bundle of joy. Well, that is baby boy number three for them. And this is what I am going to give them to celebrate.

A diaper cake.

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Melissa said...

That is really cute!
Out of the last 5 or 6 babies born to friends/family of mine, one has been a girl. Just one. I really really want more girls around to knit for, but alas, all boys.