Monday, May 14, 2007

What Matters

Look at this sock.

Now look at this sock.

Now look at the two together.

They are both the same sock pattern worked from different directions. If you have been reading this blog for a while, then you know that the toe up method of knitting socks is my favorite. Afterall, when you knit them toe up you can pretty much guarantee that you will not run out of yarn with only a few rounds left because you can adjust the pattern when you are about to run out and start the cuff a little earlier.

Usually all I have to do is work the stitch pattern backward and the socks look fine. That is so not the case with the Monkey sock. With this pattern, the stitches didn't do what I initially thought they would.

Oh well, I guess this one will have to be worked from the top down. Both of the socks will have to be's a gauge thing.

Mother's Day started for me a little early for me this year. On Thursday K's class had a tea as did B's class on Friday.

So accordingly the boys started their Mother's day things with me then. I was gifted with tons of hug, kisses, and B telling me, "You're the best mom ever."

Followed with, "Happy Mother's Day...Wow, I must have said that at least six times mom...I sure do love you."

On the actual day of the boys made breakfast and then we went here

While we were there the four of us went for a nice little bike ride. I was so proud of K. We rode for about four miles and he rode the entire time (with many, many stops). Towards the end of the ride he was slowing down and said, "I am tired, will you pedal for me?"

That is much better than him saying his legs weren't working.

After the bike ride we had lunch and then later went to dinner with my mom, grandmothers, and the rest of the family.

It doesn't get much better than that.


Jean said...

Happy mother's day! Sounds like it was wonderful! Sorry neither of those Monkey's are working out. Pretty yarns, though.

Your Sockapal said...

Glad you posted this, so I know not to consider knitting you Monkeys. ;) Happy Mother's Day!