Monday, May 07, 2007

Big foot, little foot

See these little feet.

They belong to K. Every time K comes home from school and/or the park this is what we have:

Shoes full of sand.

How it is possible for him to walk while that much sand is in his shoes is beyond me. I get a couple of grains in my shoe and I have to take off the shoes and clean them out because it bothers me so much.

Maybe he wants a sandbox at home and this is his subtle way of letting us know.

See these big feet.

On them are my second completed pair of Jaywalkers and oh are they comfy.

There was something about the first pair I made that I just didn't like. After all the rave I had been reading about the socks, I thought that I was the freak because I was honestly not convinced of them. Initially I thought that it was the yarn I used, but I deep down I knew that couldn't be it. After making the second pair I realized it was the heel I chose for the socks. After all, the socks were written to be done top down and with a gusset heel. The first pair I did from the toe-up and I used the short-row heel.

This pair I also did from the toe-up, but I used a gusset heel and it the sock feels so much better. Like butter baby!

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Jean said...

Maybe K is a little Sandman? Sorry, saw Spiderman 3 over the weekend and I'm still impressed with the Sandman effects.
The new Jaywalkers look great. I'm glad they're making you happy.