Thursday, May 31, 2007

How do we start this thing?

I have secretly been stressing out over the whole Sockapalooza thing. See my Sockapalooza pal is blogless which makes getting to know my pals preferences somewhat, how should I say, impossible. Not that I am complaining, I just really want to make my pal a pair of socks that they do not already have.

So basically I have to guess. Do they have Jaywalker's, Monkey's, something from Knitting on the Road, Sensational Knitted Socks, etc. I don't know what they do and don't have and that stresses me out a little. Stress is probably the wrong word for what I am feeling, it is probably more apprehension about the whole situation, you see I want to knit the perfect socks for their recipient.

As a result of not knowing, I have decided to design my sock pal's socks. This way I am pretty sure that they won't have a pair already.

Tuesday I started the whole deciding on a stitch pattern thing. Easier said than done. I would find a stitch pattern, make a swatch, and then decide that it wasn't right. When I was making my fifth swatch, the swatch didn't look like the sample from the book. So I did it again. Still not right.

I decided that I would chart the stitch pattern from the book so I could see what was wrong. What I charted was not even remotely close to what the pattern looked like. I don't know if it was me or if it was the stitch pattern, but man I had to have that stitch patter. Afterall, that was the stitch pattern I wanted, probably because I couldn't figure it out.

Then my bright light moment came, Eunny's tutorial.

You like?

Well, technically this is not the sock. It is actually the swatch. See.

This is the yarn that will be my sock pal's socks.


Emma said...

Don't stress! Just ask your pal. That's what I did. But the socks you are making looks gorgeous, so maybe you're on the right track. And I love the photo of the strands across the bottom of the foot. So cute.

Jean said...

I do like! I'd never seen that tutorial of Eunny's before but it's fanfreakintastic. The yarn you are going to use is lovely! I think your sock pal will be incredibly delighted to have original socks designed by you. I'm sure she'll recognize what an honor that is.

Sachi said...

Your swatch is a riot! Someone somewhere would pay a lot of money for socks just like that, with the stringies and all...

I love the pattern. I say you run with it.

Woman who knits said...

The yarn is very pretty. I think it's just a wonderful thing to design those socks!!! Your Pal is very lucky!

Cara said...

I was going to say - just ask your pal! There are no rules against that.