Thursday, May 24, 2007

A Day Fourteen Days Late

With all of the lists and things I almost forgot to post about the Mother's Day gifts that I had made for my mom and grandmother.

You may remember this one. Actually I never mentioned who it was for. In fact, I forgot that I had made it last year. They were sitting in the closet ready to be gifted, but oops. Now they are wrapped and ready for Bachan (it is what my kids call Grandma, their Great-Grandma).

The other pair of socks are these, for my mom.

You see, my mom has a not so subtle way of demanding asking that I make things for her. You can see one example of it here. With these socks, she basically told me she wanted some tabi socks for when she travels so she could have something on her feet when airport security has her take her flip-flops off.

After she initially asked me, she would mention the socks every time I would speak to her. I finally decided that I would make the socks for her for Mother's day.

The only problem is that they are still sitting on my desk. I am pretty sure that my mom knows what she is getting because she has not mentioned the socks for a while. The reason they are still on my desk was because on Mother's Day we were running about half-hour late for dinner because K had a bloody nose that wouldn't stop. When we were finally on the road, I realized that the gifts were still on my desk. And I have forgotten to give them to her each time I have seen her since. My bad!

Even though they don't have the gifts in their hands, I thought that you might like to see what they are getting.


Jean said...

Okay, I now neeeeed flip flops like that (in brown maybe) AND the tabi socks to go with them! Airports are just one of the times I'd wear them. Did you follow a pattern for them?

iSeL said...

Pretty socks, they're going to love them! I love the bands you wrapped them in. Very cool detail.

Craftybernie said...

Thanks for dropping by! BTW, I think the 'Gentleman's socks on your FO page are great!