Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I am one of those. You know those people, the ones who are constantly writing lists.

If we are going on vacation, I have a list of the things that we need to pack. When the house needs to be cleaned, I make a list. Errands, there's a list. You name it, I write a list, if I didn't then I wouldn't do have as much stuff as I needed to.

The good thing about having a list is that I seem to finish a bit faster than if I didn't have one and things don't seem quite so bad because I am constantly thinking things like, I only have four more things on the list. Oh, only three things left. Wow, after I finish this, then I am done and I can mess around.

Generally I have a list for my knitting as well. At the present time I don't. After I finished my last list, I never updated it.

Good thing I read Jean's blog. She mentioned that Ali is having a contest. And this contest is just my thing...lists. So here is my list of things that I want to get done over the summer, most of which are going to be holiday gifts.
  1. Entrelac socks for my mom.
  2. Fair Isle socks for my grandmother.
  3. Ankle socks for my other grandmother.
  4. Sockapalooza pals socks.
  5. Lace tank for me.
  6. Swimsuit for me.
  7. Baby gift for neighbor (she's having twins, a boy and a girl).
  8. Finish mystery project (I'll let you know about this one later).

Wow, now that I have it all down, I think the list is a bit adventurous. I will try to get the majority of it done even if it means that I will be working well into winter.

Oh, look what they put in our neighborhood.

Now all I have to do is mail something so the kids could actually use it.

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Jean said...

Wow, entrelac socks AND a knitted swimsuit??!? You are a brave, brave, adventurous woman! Good for you!