Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Legs Not Working

There was a time when hubby & I were concerned with K's speech development. See at two and a half, he was still not talking. To make matters worse, my mother would point this out each and everytime we saw her (which is often). The thing is K understood everything that we said, so though I was concerned, I was not freaking out. At thirty-three months of age K started talking and it has taken off from there.

When we were in Vegas, we forgot to bring the stroller with us. We did a lot of walking when we were there. K jumped in front of me when we were walking and said, "me wegs naat wooking hanymooore."

I looked at him puzzled. When he repeated, "me wegs naat wooking hanymoore." Though this time he's jumping up and down and starting to cry.

I finally realized that he was trying to tell me that his legs were not working anymore. At first I thought that it was cute. Then I tried to explain, "no honey, your legs are working, they are just tired."

He gave me a look and then with his arms up said, "pick me up now!"

Vegas has this ad campaign that states "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas." That is not entirely true because with all the food that I ate while I was there I picked up some extra "baggage" around the waist and hips, if you know what I mean.

I went to the gym and put in a few extra miles and wouldn'tcha know. My legs aren't working today.

Good thing I still have my hands. I am almost to the edging of the shawl.


Sachi said...

OK. I'm sorry but it really is cute... the way he said it anyhow. I hope he really was just tired.

You give me a spot of hope that my friend's child is in the same boat as K. He's almost 3 and, to my knowledge, hasn't said a peep. The docs claim he's mildy autistic but he so full of comprehension that I simply don't think that can be right.

Melissa said...

What a cute picture!!
LittleMan's legs never seem to work when it's hot outside and he's tired of walking.