Friday, May 11, 2007


Ever since the California fires in October 2003, I have had a very difficult time with fires. That year one of the fires was so close that I had to take the kids to my parents house because of the smoke.

The following year, I could see this fire from our bedroom as I would lay trying to sleep.

Ever since the 2003 fires, when there is a fire within twenty miles, I can smell it and I get extremely emotional.

This year, as many of you may know, has been an extremely dry year in terms of rain in Southern California. As a result, fire season has started a little early and two places that are very near and dear to me have been affected.

The first area is Griffith Park. I grew up less than two miles from Griffith Park. I remember going to the pony rides as a child, and now it is something that my children enjoy doing. While Hubby and I were dating we would often go on jogs over there. Every year during the month of December there is a light display.

There is so much that Griffith Park has to offer. To see that it was on fire, well, it hurt.

The other place that is near and dear is Catalina Island. See Hubby and I got married in the Casino Ballroom on Catalina. Enough said.

For the last three nights there has been coverage on these places, places that I love.

This is B and I (I was seven months pregnant with K)

B and his mischievous self

Uh-oh! He got caught

I hope that the Catalina fire is put to an end soon and hopefully Griffith Park can get back to what it once was.

BTW Those pics were from the last time that we went to Catalina.

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Jean said...

Yes, the fires are so scary! I'm so sorry that these particular ones are in such personal places for you. That just adds so many more levels of fear and sadness. I'm really sorry you're going through this. Please let me know if there's anything I can do to help.