Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Love Long Lines

The kids are out of school. Fall break yesterday and today. Now, we (hubby and I, mostly I though) thought that we could be sneaky and take the kids to the magical place about sixty miles south with little or no waiting in lines. Afterall, it was a Monday. Little did I know that because of the religious holiday many other schools and businesses would be off as well.

I think everyone who was not honoring the holiday was in Anaheim with us. In fact it was so busy they weren't even prepared for it. They extended park hours to accommodate and I heard the employees saying that no one thought that it would be as busy as it was.

It was fun though. Look who we saw while we were there.

The kids loved it! In fact B is even more determined to be this character for Halloween, afterall, he is, according to B, the greatest Jedi ever.

This was the first time that I actually knit while waiting in line for the rides. I actually got a lot done. I cast on for this in the car as we were waiting to get into the parking structure and this is what I have now.

Not bad.

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keohinani said...

wow, there's a parking structure? when i went there as a junior in high school (eight years ago), there was just a huge parking lot. i would know. my wrestling coach made us run around the entire outside perimeter of disneyland before we could spend the entire day running around inside disneyland. whew! i should really go back and see how much that place has changed.