Friday, October 20, 2006

Embarrassing Moment no. 23452/Eye Candy Friday

Fall is finally upon us. The weather is a little cooler in the mornings (and the evenings). Cooler to the point the kids are sent to school with a light jacket/sweatshirt, but often come home dragging it to the car.

I love the cold weather. I love having to bundle up. I just wish that I could keep bundled for more than four minutes without getting that "glow" as my mother calls it (I call it sweat). Right now our weather is in that tween stage. You know when it is too cold to go out without anything on, but even when you have your light bundles on, it is too hot.

I mean how embarrassing is this. Yesterday I had on a tank top with a thin light shirt over it and some jeans. When I went to pick B up from school, I desperately had to use the ladies room. When I was done and washing up, I looked at myself in the mirror. OMGosh! You would have thought that I had just ran a 5k or done some sort of workout.

It wasn't a pretty sight. I tried to fan myself off so I wouldn't look so bad, but honestly, there was no hope. I just had to walk around with my arms crossed hoping that no one would notice. I don't think it worked though. Oh well, maybe they thought that I just came from the gym.

Anyway, here is my Eye Candy Friday. See fall is finally here, sorta.

Have a great weekend!

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