Sunday, October 08, 2006

Oompa Loompa

About two and a half years ago, B was really into Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, I mean he would want to watch the movie on a daily basis. One day when we were watching the movie he told me that he wanted to be and Oompa Loompa. I told him that was fine and that he could be one for Halloween.

I knew that I would have to make the costume, but I didn't realize how much of the costume I was going to have to make. I thought that finding a brown turtle neck would be easy. Unfortunately I couldn't. I had to make the turtle neck as well.

When I was finished with the costumes, this is what I had

I have to admit, that was my favorite costume to date. Last year we had a family themed costume (I may post the pics at a later date). I think the years of matching costumes may be far and few between in the future.

The boys are very determined to be what they want to be and they don't want to match. At first I was kinda bummed because I liked having them match and I like the idea of togetherness, but oh well, I have to let them be individuals. But wouldn'tchaknow, I can't find one simple thing to one of the costumes that I thought would be easy to find.

I guess I'll be doing a lot more sewing than I thought this month.

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