Thursday, October 12, 2006


Last week B had his first elementary school field trip. The class went to a local farm that hosts kids every year during the month of October. The farm has rows of pumpkins for sale and some of the best corn money could buy (this is where we usually get our fresh corn for the Fourth of July).

We take the kids to the farm every year, but this was the first time that B was able to go on the train ride and into the petting zoo. The kids had a blast. Here is a pic of one of the animals on the farm.

I think her name is something like Jellybean, Lollipop, or some candy like that. The funny thing is this. I have seen sheep many times before at the farm, but it never really hit me like it did when we were there last week. If I had one of my own...all the trouble I would be in.

Also, I finished the body of Butterfly. The only thing left to do is block, seam the sides, and finish the edges. I am just debating on weather or not to actually block it or not (you remember my last OCD blocking saga). I will probably work on it tomorrow when hubby is home and I could actually dedicate the time to the whole blocking thing without interruption.

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Dipsy D. said...

My gosh, what a cutie this little hairy one is! I'm so glad that B enjoyed his time on the farm!