Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Time To Clean

Of all times to start a blog. I am attempting to "clean" my stash by using it all up before I go and purchase more, okay use most of it. Realistically use some of it. I don't even know where I got it, yarn just seems to appear in the boxes like magic. I think they are reproducing on their own, honest.

I have two big storage boxes for my yarn. With a bunch of little boxes around the house. Though it may not look like it, there is a method to the madness. This box on the right has the stuff that little wool eating creatures could feast on, if given the chance, that is why there is a cover for this box that is always on. The box on the right has stuff that I hope the creatures would pass up, it is overflowing and the cover only is on when I could cram everything down into the box. Also the items in the box on the left could be washed and dried in the machine, which makes it the perfect box for "kids gifts" (easy care)

I have decided to make a simple little baby blanket with some yarn from the "easy care" box. Seed stitch border with stripes of pink and rose. Though I don't know of anyone who is expecting a girl. In fact the last 6 births that I can remember from 2005 and one coming in June '06 are all boys. There really must be something in the water over here. But anyway, one day there will be a girl (other than myself) in our lives (though not by me), and I will be ready with the pink stripped blanket.

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