Thursday, February 16, 2006

Go B, It's Your Birthday!!!

Today is the big day. It is Bren's 5th birthday. The time has literally flown by. I am still wondering where all of the time has gone. He is soooooo excited. He keeps asking me, "Mom, since it is my birthday, do I get to _______?" (You can fill in the blank with pretty much anything, i.e. eat anything I want, play as much video games as I want, etc.) And because it is his special day, I keep saying, "Of course sweetheart."

Though Kev, doesn't seem to understand that it is big brothers special day. Kev keeps saying, "Meeeee tewwwwww!!!!" It is cute to see how B is trying to explain that it is not your birthday until June all the while Kev is insisting that it is both of their day.

Happy Birthday Monkey! I love you!

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