Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Love the Technology

Look at this picture:
This is what I have been doing pretty much all day. No, not the knitting. No, not the wine (though, it is not a bad idea). I have been attempting to install programs into the computer ALL DAY. Last night, the "old" computer was seriously maimed by my hubby, though it really is not his fault. Something is wrong with the where the AC cord plugs into the computer and so we have no power. He took a look at it and discovered that one of the prongs that is inside the plug thing is bent or broken or something like that. We called to see how much it would cost to have it repaired and was told that it would be over $400. I don't know about you, but I think that is just robbery. Anyway, we decided that it was time. We had been talking about it for a while, I just thought that it would be later rather than sooner. The frustrating thing is, dealing with all of the programs that we have to install all of our programs. So for the time being, I have no photo editing (unless you count the free software that came with the computer). No publishing programs. That is until I finish installing all of the software, I just don't think I want to sit in front of the computer for the next few days, you know that really cuts into the knitting. The worst of it all is that we have to figure out how to get the files out of our old computer and into the new one. I know we could hire someone to do it, but we just got a new computer, can't afford it.

Did you notice the knitting? It is the Mia Shrug, or actually I should say that it is the arm of the shrug. I started it last night, and really have not had much time to work on it. I am hoping to have it done by this weekend, which leaves me, what is that, three or four days. We will have to see. I am using Lana Grossa's Bingo that was left over from one of the Ribby Cardi's I had made as a Christmas gift. I still need to make one for me. I really love that sweater.

Well it's back to fixing the computer or actually I should say, updating this computer. Who am I kidding? It's back to the knitting.

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