Wednesday, February 15, 2006

One Day

I purchased this book Knitted Toys recently in an attempt to use up my stash. And so far so good. The deal I made with myself is that I would not buy any yarn, I did not say anything about books, notions, or other knitting accessories. So in my opinion I am doing pretty good. And that is my progress on my first Toy. But that is besides the point.

I purchased said book 2 weeks ago and when I looked up the book online, I felt like kicking myself in the youknowwhat. I paid 32% more than what I had to. The story of my life. I think I know why this happens. I will attempt to explain. You see, I am a visual person.

An example is purchasing books. I like to look at pictures, read a little of the book (especially pattern books), and then decide that the book is the right one for me. I can't really do that on the internet. The same thing goes for purchasing yarn or other things. If I know it is something that I like because I have used it before, then I have no problems purchasing it without having to see or touch it. But if I have never used the yarn or product before, then I HAVE TO go to the yarn store to feel the yarn. I don't want to buy it and then end up hating it for whatever reason. I like to know the quality that I am going to be getting, I like to know what to expect, and so this is why I have to go to the store. It is going to the store that gets me every time. When I am at the store weather it is the book store, yarn store, or wherever. The guilt sets in. I feel guilty that I am using their store, taking up their time, and not purchasing anything from them. I know I shouldn't, but I do. One day though, I will not worry about the guilt and do what is right for the pocketbook. One day. (Though hubby hopes it will be sooner than later)

On the home front, Bren had his birthday celebration at school today and look at what we made:

They are "Mud Cups" the kids loved them. One of them even asked, "Are we really eating dirt?" How cute and innocent. Tomorrow is the actual day. And everyone in this household is excited. Though the past few weeks have been a bit emotional on my part. Where has all of the time gone?

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