Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Waste not Want not

A few months ago, while doing some holiday shopping, I came across a cute t-shirt. The shirt had an angry cartoon-ish type of character's face and under the face she had her two thumbs up. Or should I say, I thought that she had her two thumbs up.

I guess you could say that my eyes were playing tricks on me. The first time I wore the shirt, a friend of mine started giggling and then gave me "the bird" in which I did the same in return. No biggie.

The friend then pointed out the picture on my t-shirt. All I could do was laugh because though, what the t-shirt was actually displaying fits my personality, it's not something that I would wear around especially being around kids as much as I am. Maybe at the age of eighteen during college, but definitely not now.

I even talked to my son's kindergarten teacher about it. She thought that the pic was of the thumbs up and told me not to worry, but that she could see why I was concerned.

I have another friend that asked why I just didn't get rid of the shirt. I have a couple of answers for that one. The first being that with the exception of the pic, it is a perfectly good tee. The second, it is a perfectly good tee.

So I came up with a solution. I decided that I was going to fix the t-shirt myself.

Nothing some fabric paint couldn't fix.

So all I can say for now is peace out.


Jean said...

Very clever! It's a totally cute tee shirt, made even better by your personal touch. Now it's both "clean" and one-of-a-kind. Nicely done.

g-girl said...

lol. that's great!! I never would've noticed. i love the angry little asian girl though but you're right--not the wisest of tees to wear around children.

Sachi said...

Wow! I can't even tell that you changed it!

Woman who knits said...

That's great!! What a crafty idea!!!

Elaine said...

That really made me chuckle. What a great job you did covering it up.