Tuesday, February 20, 2007

He had a good day.

Where do I begin? Friday was B's 6th birthday. This was the first time that hubby had to work on his birthday and the first time that we had so many other things that we had to do that was not related to celebrating his day on his day. Not that we didn't have anything planned, we are having a party for him this weekend.

Though we did have a little surprise for him on Saturday.

The California Science Center has a Star Wars exhibit. When we got in the car to go to the Science Center we told B that we were going to go to a football game (the Science Center is right next to the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum). B was not pleased the entire car ride down.

When we pulled into the parking lot, he then made the comment that we were not parking in the right area to go to the game. He maybe 5 6, but he is observant.

He then noticed a big Star Wars sign on the side of the Science Center. He had a puzzled, confused, and excited look all at the same time. When we walked into the building, this is who we were greeted by.

The kids thoroughly enjoyed the exhibit. As you can see from the photo above, K could hardly keep his eyes off of the pamphlet given to us at the door.

The one area that hubby and I were having some serious problems with, was the gift that we wanted to get B for his birthday.

See there has been one item that B has been wanting for the last eight months. The Lego's Imperial Star Destroyer. When he first said that he wanted it, we told him that he would have to buy it himself. He finally saved enough money only to find out that it is completely sold out.

Hubby and I have been searching for it since September with no luck. We had even gone to the Lego's store only to be told that they are back ordered until at least March. Hubby finally told me when I was on my way out the other day that we should just order it. I agreed and told him that we could do it when I got home.

While I was looking for something completely unrelated to B's birthday present, I happened to stumble across this.

Hubby and I were so thrilled to find it, we couldn't wait until his party to give him his gift.

If you could have seen the look on B's face when he realized what we had gotten him. He sat there frozen with his mouth open for a good fifteen seconds before jumping up and down.

And in case you wanted to know it only took hubby and I approximately eight hours to put it together.


Sachi said...

I'm willing to bet B would have done it in 2 hours flat. ;-)

What a great day!

g-girl said...

i have to tell you when I first saw this post in my bloglines, I thought..holy crap, Star Wars is @ the California Science Center??? I went this past weekend. lol. 8 hours to put it together? B's lucky to have you two as his parents! :)