Monday, September 11, 2006


We had our championship co-ed softball game on Sunday. It was hubby's first game back since his surgery (against my better judgment) and he did well. He had been itching to play for so long that when the manager of our team asked if he wanted to play he was on the field before the sentence was complete.

I am still in utter shock, but something exciting happened to me during the game. Let me give you a little background. I think the entire time that I have played co-ed I have hit a double maybe two times. I'm not complaining though, as long as I get on base I am good. Though today I did even better than a double, I hit a homerun. That's right, I hit a homerun **grin** Now it was not an over the fence homerun or anything (I wish I had that power), what I did do was drive it through the gap and then it rolled all the way to the fence.

When the base coach (hubby) told me to keep going after I got to first, I thought "cool I got a double." Then when I was rounding second, I saw that the fielders were approaching the ball and then I thought, "I can make it to third, wow a triple." As I was approaching third, the third base coach was telling me to go home, I honestly thought something was wrong, but I went and I was safe. I hit a home run!

Enough about that though. This is supposed to be a knitting blog afterall. Though I haven't been showing you much of what I have been working on, I am working on something. I just haven't had a chance to take a decent picture of it. Hopefully hubby will take a picture of me in the UFO tomorrow. I will show you this though.

These are the socks I made when I was working on the tutorials. These are actually the first socks that I have made for the kids. It's so cute because ever since I finished them, K has decided that whenever they are clean, they will be on his feet. Which means he has worn them a total of four times in two weeks.

BTW We won our championship game and I hit a homerun.


Melissa said...

The socks are freakin adorable!
Congrats on the homerun!

allison said...

I'd wear those socks lots too! They're adorable.
(Way to go slugger!)

Dipsy D. said...

Woah! Congrats on the homerun, this is totally amazing! I wish I could have been there and cheering my lungs out! Great!
And I so love your socks, they're absolutely pretty!